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big head April with Big Head

"Big Head" painting. 6'x6'. Based on a Sandro Boticelli portrait. Completed February 2012.


Rocks and Water

Landscape. 2'x4'. Based on a landscape by William Trost Richards. April 2012.


Diego Rivera

2-day team backdrop work with Caity Watson and Kristin Showalter. Approx 10'x6'. Based on Diego Rivera's "Detroit Industry." April 2012.


Daphne Rising Scrim

"Daphne Rising" scrim. 4'x6'. From the Arthur Rackham illustration by the same name. Completed April 2012.


Cloud Spray GunSunset Spray Gun

Spray Gun work. 6'x6' panels. February and April 2012.



Love Me, Stooshe Feat. Travie McCoy. Scenic Artist.

Designed by Paul Rice.

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